Hair Care / Nail Therapy / Massage Therapy / Facial & Body Therapy / Make-Up & Waxing

Massage Therapy
The Tranquil Signature Massage $85 / 60 min, $115 / 90 min
Individual needs are determined during a consultation. Essential oils are used in combination with Swedish technique.
Swedish Massage $75 / 60 min, $105 / 90 min
Personalized full body massage to eliminate tension, improve circulation, and detoxify the body.
Reflexology $45 / 30 min
Specific reflex points in the foot correspond to individual organs and exact parts of the body.
Warm Water Stone Therapy $85 / 60 min, $115 / 90 min
Warm basalt stones used to induce a deep state of relaxation and melt away stress.
Aromatherapy Scalp $40 / 20 min
Relieve head, neck and shoulder tension with a combination of massage and essential oils.
Maternity $85 / 60 min
A gentle massage designed for mothers-to-be to alleviate leg, hip, and lower back pressure. Physician's note required for pregnant clients for each trimester.

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